How To Grow Your Fans on OnlyFans


1. Collaborations, Promos and Shout-outsĀ 

Like with any social media profile, if you want to rapidly increase your following base, an incredible tool to use is collaborations, promos and shout-outs. By finding other users with the same follower demographic as your own and reaching out to them to form a collaboration can generate a good deal of new organic followers. In a collaboration both users agree on working and producing content together, then uploading that content to their respective platforms and tagging one another. 

Another method you can use is promos, where you find a popular page in your niche and reach an agreement of an exchange of goods in return for them promoting you on their page. 

The last method you could use are shout-outs. Similar to collaborations, in a shout out you find a profile similar to yours, or one you think your following will enjoy, and shout each other out on your respective channels. 

All of these methods could potentially create massive exposure and draw some of their followers to your channel, and vice versa.  

2. Consider offering free content

While this may not be the most appealing option, by providing all or some of your content for free, you could drive a large amount of new followers to your page. Most people one the internet are not looking or willing to spend money, so by offering them something they want for free, you manage to establish a follower and eventually a potential customer.

3. Study your audience

Get to know your audience and followers. What other accounts do they tend to like? What type of content do they like the most? What type of content generate the most? Where are they from? How old are they? What gender are they? Asking yourself these questions and running a good statistical analysis will help you get to know your followers and will ultimately increase the effectiveness and reach of each post. 

4. Use tiered pricing structure

Because you will have followers from every financial circle possible, it is a great idea to include a tiered pricing structure in order to appeal to everyone. While some followers are willing and able to pay for the expensive content, others may not. By offering a broad array of pricing options you increase your chances of attracting more people and making more money. 

5. Interact with your audience

Just like its extremely important to get to know your audience, it is just as important to constantly interact with them. A simple and quick message or response from you may not take you too long, but it could mean a lot to them and motivate them to continue spending and following you. New and potential followers also look for accounts where they can interact with the owner and develop some form of a real and genuine relationship.

6. Advertise your content on other platforms

In a world where technology and social media evolve so quickly, it is important for you to stay up to date on what platforms are the most popular and ultimately draw the most attention. By advertising and promoting yourself across as many platforms as you can, you will create several channels from where people can find and follow you. 

7. Come up with he “right” pricing system

Pricing is very important, so you need to put a lot of thought into how much you are planning on charging and for what. You need to take into consideration that the price needs to be high enough where the buyer feels they are purchasing a high quality product, but low enough where most of your followers can afford it and still enjoy. 

The size of your following and ultimately the amount of money you make is solely up to you and the time and effort you put into promoting yourself and your brand. Apply these tips and start to see growth today!