OnlyFans VS Sugar Daddy Apps

Sugar relationships have always existed but there’s a new trend in town: OnlyFans. A lot of people are wondering how different having a sugar daddy is from having an OnlyFans account. A lot of women are promoting OnlyFans in their social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat. 


A usual sugar relationship is an agreement between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy. The sugar baby’s salary depends on what she’s willing to do and how much the sugar daddy can afford. Usually, the exchange of cash happens after their meetup is complete. The salary varies from each relationship but the average is said to be $2,800 monthly. 

In OnlyFans, a subscriber can pay you a minimum of $4.99 a month for access to your content. Payment is more secured as OnlyFans will handle it from both ends. However, 20% of your earnings go to the company. There are women who made a living just by having an OnlyFans account. The top creator reportedly made $100,000 in a year posting explicit content. The goal is to have great content so more people will subscribe to you. 

Both sugar daddies and OnlyFans subscribers can give tips to the women. 

Finding A Client

Finding a sugar daddy is kinda difficult because there is no centralized sugar daddy website wherein you can find one. There are also other sugar daddy apps that are specific to a sugar relationship. However, other women still use dating apps such as Bumble or Tinder just to find a sugar daddy. 

In OnlyFans, the goal is to have a huge audience. You can do so by promoting your account on other platforms such as your social media accounts or certain groups that allow OnlyFans promotion. Other users have complained that they do not get enough audience because there are a lot of women on the app. 


Traditionally, a sugar baby meets up with their sugar daddy and spend time with them before they are paid. Of course, the nature of their relationship depends on what they have agreed upon. 

OnlyFans works differently. Most of the interaction in this app is solely digital. You can post pictures or videos that your subscribers can check out. There are pay per view content that can be accessed for additional payments. There’s also a price lock on some of the women’s contents that can gain them more income. 

Skills Required

Both fields have different skill requirements. A sugar daddy needs attention and thus go for a sugar baby with great communication skills. They also like women who know how to dress up and highlight their beauty with make-up. Some sugar relationships revolve around kinks but mostly are vanilla. 

Meanwhile, subscribers on OnlyFans are looking for something else. While dressing up and doing make-up is still on the list, being a good photographer can also contribute to your success. Being kinky or interesting is one of the things that will make you stand out from the rest. It’s not required but it can help you greatly. 

Final Thoughts

Is OnlyFans the future of sugaring? It’s difficult to tell at this point. These two industries are still very different even though they have a lot of similarities. If you are a sugar baby, it can be beneficial to have an OnlyFans account while you’re also sugaring. Both certainly have each pro and cons and it’s up to you if you want to try out both or the other. 

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